Catatan MaHe

love is…

Love is a game that really hard to play. Just like Rubiks.At the very first time you buy this toy, everything seems perfect. Each collors have their own place. But to playing it, you have to spin, twist and displacing those small squares until all the collors are mixing each other. And now the game is about to start. You have to be very patient and persistence to mix and match the collors until it came to the same in every side. It’s complicated yet stressing. So does with love. The very first time it came to your life, it seems all perfect, as if life doesnt need another thing to make us happy. You already have it all. But once the twist and spin is coming, everything is become so challenging. Then you will discovered another side of artifical perfection, something that you really adore just from it surfaces. And the rest is depends on you. Are you willing to involve your self into this bumpy-tiring-ride to reach a satisfying result? To get your self of commonness and understanding of two different person with many different personality? Or… You’ll just give up like you’re playing the rubriks, confused and tired with those disordered patterns? It’s all depends on you.

But one thing for sure, love is not a rubiks. They have some commons, but still, It’s not.