Catatan MaHe

life is short.Be wise.

“Life is short. Don’t wait your time waiting for holidays or pay checks. Find your passion and start to contribute”

This morning I found an obituary from Facebook’s news feed and also twitter that mentioned somebody named Alexander Abimanyu.

I don’t know who he is, but since I heard his name from many peoples with different friends circle, I came to conclusion that he must be someone valuable. Many peoples fall into a deep grieve for his death.
As I got another informations, Alexander Abimanyu was a well-known photographer,writer, etc. And Few of my friends are seems related to him.

The line above is his. And to me it’s the most motivating words ever. Like he knew how to push your productivity button and also as a reminder that our time could come any time out of predictions. So be prepared. Improve everything you got to make your self valuable as soon as possible. The sooner the better.

So I wondering my self, when will I start to valuable my self by devote all everything I have to the things I passionate for?
I haven’t done anything to enhance the value of my life. I still nobody just like everybody at the corner of the street, at the market, at the club… And nobody just even reckon.

Well akhirnya jadi keingetan sebuah pepatah ” Gajah mati meninggalkan gading dan manusia mati meninggalkan karya”. Pada dasarnya rugi banget ketika seseorang meninggalkan dunia tanpa ada sesuatu yang khusus yang bisa dikenang oleh banyak orang. It’s kinda sad… Dan memang inilah yang sedang aku perjuangkan. Seauatu untuk dikenang oleh orang kelak ketika aku mati.

Tapi menjadi bijak dalam menghabiskan sisa hidup kita bukanlah perkara yang mudah. Dan kadang membuat kita lupa betapa kematian itu sangat labil. Dia bisa datang tanpa memandang bulu, kapanpun dimanapun. memanggil siapa saja, tua maupun muda.

All I want to say is, do everything you like and then finished what ever you start like you don’t have any time to postponed it. (Dan ini spesial ditujukan buat kalian dan juga diri sendiri)

RIP Alexander Abimanyu…