Catatan MaHe

I want to break free!!

I need to rent my own room. I guest, in a desperate way. While I don’t have any income in past two weeks, all the sudden boredom are avalanches me. Fakkk. I feel like i’m dead louse a.k.a. mati kutu kagak bisa kemana-mana coyyyy.

My lil sister is a soon to be a Junior High fresh graduater. And i don’t want her to end up her teenager period as an unemployed girl who just sitting back at home listening to the local radio with lame musics until somebody come to marrying her. Well, not all the locals are lame, but mostly.. yes. And it’s bad for your bright future. Ok, ok. I’m just making up the story. Puas?

I mean, I have to earn lots of money to get her enter to the university, while now my goddamn livelieho’ is just sabotaged by another writer. Ok, I’m making up again!! It’s all because I’m not that good in writhing the syinetryon.Blahhhh. Man, I can’t hold it any longer!! Well I’m the only one who can change this shitty situation into a better one, i know. And I’m too much making excuses. Just finish your novel, send it to the publisher, and soon you’ll have to say adios to the poverty. I know that. I know!!! But why you just whining around complaining about your miserable weekend, eh?? BECAUSE I’M BROKE!!!!

Ah, bollocks.