Catatan MaHe

something in my way..

something in my way..
so shiny and mesmerizing.
i know that somehow i can reach it.
i red the story of jack and the Bean.. this fairytale somehow like hypnotize me to dare to believe with something that unreachable mind.
once upon a time, every when i went to bed, my mom used to told me a story. She has so many story to tell, and its all beautiful. but there s one story that always made me has a second thought deep inside my mind, about how if the story is real? and how if its happen to me in a real life?
i used to be scared to listened that story, but somehow i always wondered, what is something happen in the next chapter?
like a real drama happening in my mind, all the words that came out from her lips. i listened the sound of the word resonance very carefully. i don’t want to miss even just a thing.