Catatan MaHe

best things in my life

best things in my life and as priority:
– family
– friendship.

as we knows, human being is always need communities for growing up and accelerating their sense in learning life lessons, and also their desire to fulfill life destinations along the age of life. through the relationship between other creatures -because relationship is not in between of human beings, but also animals and other things-
human can increase their sensibility, passions, humanity, loves, affections, endorsements, and so on.
what it would be if we have nothing to compare our self? and we don’t have any boundaries how far we can go and how long we can stay?
since life is a journey, we should know that many roads are grumbling, bushy, yet full of thorn.
we should be able to choose which one is the best for us, and we are in a right directions. but give me the answer of my questions.. where is our destiny actually?